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This essay will be a work of literary analysis centered on the characters in White Teeth. In this essay, you will be choosing
several character traits that add up to an original archetype for a character you’ve chosen from the novel. Your overall
thesis will name an archetype of your own invention for this character, and give a brief argument as to what this archetype
is and why you’ve chosen it.
Use the “list of stock characters” article from Wikipedia (go to Course Studio􀀀links) to get an idea of common character
types and traits. NOTE: This list is to be used for inspiration to CREATE YOUR OWN original archetype. Your job is NOT to
simply use one of these in your essay!
The difference between this essay and others we’ve done in this class is that this is less argumentative and more
descriptive. In other words, since your argument is that your character fits into an archetype of your own invention, there
isn’t really a counterargument.
Instead, you will be using your body paragraphs to describe the character in detail, and
demonstrate how these traits corresponds to a universal archetype that we can recognize in many other people. For
example, Archie’s ‘peacekeeping’ nature, Irie’s selfdissatisfaction,
Magid’s distaste for his ancestral culture, etc. These are traits that we call ‘universal.’