Websites Comparisons

Websites Comparisons

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Pages:1 page – 275 words, Double spaced

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Title:Websites Comparisons

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Paper instructions:

From the list of websites below, choose 1 website that is credible and choose 1 that is not credible.

Answer the following question for each website:

  • Name of the website
  • Who is the publisher/author of each website
  • What are three similarities between the two websites?
  • What are three differences between the two websites?

For the website that is not credible, name three red flags (using the red flags described in the presentation and Chapter 2).

This assignment should be a minimum of 200 words and saved as a doc or pdf. Answers can be written in paragraph or bullet points.

List of websites:

Red flags used in chapter 2 :  promises of quick and easy remedies, too good to be true , scare tactics  ( if you look off red flags for nutrition some should pop up) it just should be along the lines of the 3 that I listed