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and write a reflection on:

  1. What you learned while reading through this site.
  2. How you will use what you’ve learned on your résumé.


The reflection should be a full-page, single-spaced. Use Times New Roman, 12-pt. font, with one-inch margins.

Could you please help me write a paragraph about elevator pitch, because it is a paragraph long I couldn’t place order for one paragraph. Thank you in advance.

Please see next two examples of elevator pitch.


Elevator Pitch

Good morning everyone, my name is ____ and I am currently sophomore student in finance major at George Mason University. I truly expect to work at asset Management Company after I graduate from college. I am very interested in this internship opportunity in your company becauseI am seasoned in managing my personal property. Based on my previously work experiences, I can easily get on well with my teammates. I can bring my strong analytical and organizing abilities to make a substantial impact in your company and help financial advisors work more efficiently. Meanwhile, my bilingual ability of Chinese and English will help your company to developed international business.


Elevator Pitch

Hello everyone, my name is ____  and I am a senior and majoring in Finance at George Mason University.I am really interesting to work at your company which is Finance and HR assistant. Because I had an Accounting assistant work experience and I know how to do payroll and I am also major in Finance. From my work experiences I think I can do this position well. I also really this is a part time job it is perfect for me.