Domestic violence and suicide

Domestic violence and suicide

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Title:      addiction

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Required Resources

Read/review the following resources for this activity:

Textbook: Chapter 1


Minimum of 3 outside scholarly sources in addition to the textbook/lesson


The textbook readings for Weeks 1 and 2 explore social forces that can affect the seemingly private act of suicide. For this assignment, conduct scholarly research on a different private or individualistic act that could be regarded as a broader social problem or social issue, something other than suicide. You may choose one of the following or a topic of your own:


Veteran homelessness

Domestic violence



In an essay, address the following:

Thoroughly explain what the sociological imagination is

Thoroughly examine how and why the sociological imagination helps understand the personal problem you chose as your topic for this essay

Compare and contrast the outside research you find on your topic with the textbook’s descriptions of sociological studies of suicide, specifically.

Your paper must contain scholarly support in the form of paraphrases *only* with respective citations from assigned reading (the textbook/lesson) and the outside scholarly sources that you identify on your own. Do not directly quote from sources for this paper, but instead paraphrase in your own words from source material and cite the sources with parenthetical in-text citations and with full APA-style reference entry citations in a reference page at the end of your essay document.

Writing Requirements (APA format)

Length: 2-3 pages (not including the reference page as the late page of the document)

1-inch margins

Double spaced

12-point font

Page number in the upper right of all pages

Parenthetical in-text citations included and formatted in APA style

Reference page (minimum of 3 outside scholarly sources in addition to the textbook/lesson)

Title page not required



Type of service:  Academic Writing

Work type:          Other : Assignment

Format:      APA

Pages:        2 pages ( 550 words, Double spaced

Academic level:  Undergrad. (yrs 1-2)

Discipline:  Nursing

Title: Writer’s choice

Number of sources:     0

Paper instructions:     

Week 3 Assignment: Socioautobiography Narrated PowerPoint – Personal Case Study

Required Resources

Read/review the following resources for this activity:

Textbook: Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Lesson: Week 1, 2, 3

NB Textbook: Sociology in our times: The Essentials by Diana Kendal

Minimum of 3 outside scholarly sources in addition to the textbook/lesson


There is a strong tradition of creating both sociologically-informed biographies and sociologically-informed autobiographies in the discipline of sociology. The socioautobiography is a “disciplined, systematic exploration of one’s life from a sociological point of view” (Hill, 2009, p. 3). Also, the sociobiography is the systematic exploration of another person’s life from a sociological point of view.

For this assignment, you will be doing one of those (your socioautobiography) in the form of a Narrated PowerPoint, and for Week 7, you will interview an adult of your choice to create a sociobiography, then, also in the form of a Narrated PowerPoint.

For this week’s socioautobiography Narrated PowerPoint, you will reflect on your own life story, making connections between your everyday life/life story and the broad sociocultural structures within which you live.To begin this assignment, consider your own life as you review all the textbook readings and online weekly lessons and decide which sociological concepts you wish to explain in connection to a part or parts of your own life story. Focus on vocabulary words in bold in your textbook reading, for example, and decide which terms apply to you and to your life story.

Link: Questions to Consider


As you consider your own life consider the following questions:

How might a sociologist introduce you?

How have social influences shaped you?

What were the social forces that constructed your life or lifestyle?

How have you negotiated the crisscrossing pressures of autonomy and conformity?

Who are you in social context and what does it mean to understand your life using the “sociological imagination,” or utilizing a sociological perspective?

What sociological concepts would be most helpful in understanding and interpreting your life experiences, whether class, or reference group, conformity, agents of socialization, gender socialization, racial socialization, norms, roles, significant others, total institutions (particularly if you were in the military), achieved status, ascribed status, deviance, subculture, culture, culture shock, ethnocentrism, folkways, mores, peer groups, and any others described in the textbook chapters, to interpret your life experiences?

What events, moments or relationships in your life have impacted you significantly?

Include the following in your analysis:

Quotes or paraphrases and citations from both outside scholarly sources and assigned readings (online Lessons or textbook readings), to support your observations in your presentation.

6 different concepts, key words, or vocabulary words from Chapters 1-6 in your analysis and observations on your slides, formatted in boldface and underlined on slides.

You may repeat these 6 terms throughout the PowerPoint presentation, if you want to, but you are not required to.

Link: Writing Tip

Writing Tip: Focus

As Kanagy and Kraybill (1999) wrote in their book, The Riddles of Human Society, the socioautobiography is “not a diary” or a “point-by-point account” of life since birth (p. 287). Feel free to focus on only a part or parts of your life story.


For this personal case study project, you are required to create a narrated PowerPoint presentation with audio and/or video within the PowerPoint. The audio/video must be part of the PowerPoint file. Audio/video may not be external to the presentation and you must submit a .ppt file extension PowerPoint file.

The presentation must include the following:

Part or Parts of Your Own Life Story:Explain and analyze your life story or parts of your life story as a sociologist might, examining sociological categories relevant to your life story.

Include details of family, culture, and background.

Consider what types of categories a sociologist might use to describe you.

Audio Narration:Allow the audio narration to serve as the main explanation of the presentation. Do not use blocks of text on slides. If you want to add additional written explanations, in addition to the audio narration, you may add that in presentation notes for slides.

Engagement:Be sure to deliver the presentation in a professional and engaging manner.

Visual Aids: Include photos of yourself and photos or symbols that represent the sociological concepts you are analyzing in your presentation. Your own personal photos do not need to be cited, but if you use any images from the Internet or from any sources other than your own personal photographs, you must include citations for those and those citations are *not* part of your required 3 outside scholarly sources plus the online Lesson or textbook.

Key Words in Bold and Underlined: Be sure to include 6 different concepts, key words, or vocabulary words from Chapters 1-6 in your analysis and observations on your slides, formatted in boldface and underlinedon slides

Visual Appeal and Organization: Do not include slides with large blocks of text. Use bullet points, brief text, and clear organization to create an organized and visually appealing presentation.

Citations:Include parenthetical in-text citations in the slide presentation citing at least 3 outside scholarly sources and assigned textbook/lesson reading to support observations made in the presentation. Remember, cite sources for all images, too, that are not your personal photographs and those sources do *not* count as part of your 3 required outside scholarly sources plus the textbook/lesson.

Presentation Requirements (APA format)

Narration Length: 5 to 10 minutes (you will miss credit if the presentation is too short or too long, so adhere closely to presentation length requirements)

Slide Length: 5 to 8 slides (not including title slide and references slide)

APA-style parenthetical in-text citations on slides for a minimum of 3 outside sources plus the textbook/lesson

Title Slide

References slide (minimum of 3 outside scholarly sources in addition to the textbook/lesson)

Personal Statement for the AHA SURE program

Personal Statement for the AHA SURE program

Type of service:  Academic Writing

Work type:          Creative writing

Format:      APA

Pages:        2 pages (550 words, Double spaced

Academic level:  Undergrad. (Yrs 3-4)

Discipline:  Education

Title: Personal Statement

Number of sources:     0

Paper instructions:     

Personal Statement

Please specify your academic interests, your research experience, and why the AHA SURE program is a good fit for your research training and career goals. Also include whether you are interested in attending graduate or medical school in the future).Please limit your response to 4000 characters (approximately 600 words).

Revenge of the domestic





            Revenge of the domestic

            The book Revenge of the Domestic aims atevaluating the 19th century issues of gender relations between 1945 and 1970 in East Germany between the government and women. The focus of Donna Harsch, the author is the Communist Party, relationships of women as well as the state that the Communists created in Germany through German Democratic Republic – GDR. The style used in the book entails weaving a variety of personal tales based on statistical material, interviews as well as evidence that is derived from the archival research. This information facilitates the reconstruction of the intricate interplay between the policy of the government regarding women as well as family life on the one hand, and the reactions of the women to the policy of the state. Donna Harsch points out the resistance of women to the decisions of the government in their capacity as mothers, wageworkers, consumers, wives as well as ordinary citizens. All their efforts are manifested as maneuvers of overcoming the official neglect that the family encounters.

            Donna Harsch bases the book on the reliance of the government on women as a source of workforce. The author also demonstrates the response of the government to women insistence that matters of the family are worth more attention by the government. The focus of the book is the confrontational relationship that was evident between the East German women and GDR during the post war era. The policy of the government was rooted in consumerism as well as family-oriented direction leading to a partial ambivalent domestication of societal life. This development led to ambiguous debatably aggressive implications on the private arrangement of gender as well as attitudes in the country. The social as well as economic implications of the domestication had an effect of cumulative power that progressively undermined the basis of German Democratic Republic.

            Donna Harsch presents a compelling work in this book that contributes to the history of women in the 19th century Germany with a rich illustration of the incessant intersections between the family, work, household as well as consumption. It is also an indication of gender study to reveal women as well as reverberations at the government level in making decisions. The author also demonstrates the ironies that were associated with processes with the ignorance of the government to the family unit in the society despite the later development where the family gained particular importance later to the lives of the ordinary people in East Germany. These issues were evident as a source of renewal as well as rest as enjoyed by the people in the industrialized nations through the activities that were based on the promotion of consumption. The end game in the family arena was to spawn desires as well as needs that were unfulfilled by the socialist economy (Harsch, 5). This was the basis of the title of the book ‘revenge of the domestic’. Harsch considers an important question in the epilogue if the East German government concession was beneficial to the women. The policies of the government failed in the promotion of women gender roles that were extremely conventional despite the availability of the generous subsidies that were given to mothers in the last term of the GDR. These played a significant role in the enhancement of emergent gender role among the women who were not married (Harsch, 313).

            There is a conspicuous contradiction between the work of Harsch and the feminist scholars who gave preference to the top-down style of policies of government as well as the assumption of passivity among the women. This development could be attributed to the ignorance of the scholars in addressing the actual strong defense by the women regarding the conventional roles in the family. The main intention of Harsch is demonstrating the source of the government policies in contrast to the effects that they have in the society. Harsch also focuses on the material concerns associated with the productivist policies like suitable provisioning to the preferred worker’ (Harsch 178) on, for instance, the single mothers. The whole idea in the project of the novel can be attributed to the classic feminist insight that addresses the significance of using unpaid reproductive work to propel the formal economy. The author also demonstrates the contribution of male sexism in frustrating the productivist objectives of the government in women. This is through the insistence of men in East German for their freedom from the supervision of the women from the demeaning household chores (Harsch, 197). The author also finds that women made great efforts to evade the paid work as well as the paid work that corresponded with their levels of education in East German. Women were also against any form of higher education as well as occupational training. The book can therefore be perceived as an illustration of women’s movement as well as feminism diversity on a global context. The book is therefore an excellent empirical illustration of the reason that women in East German fought for freedom of not working and freedom to engage in private spaces like the family unit.

Works cited

            Donna Harsch. Revenge of the Domestic: Women, the Family, and Communism in the German Democratic Republic, Princeton University Press, 2018.


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