Victimology Take-Away Response Paper

Victimology Take-Away Response Paper

Watch 2 hours of crime-related television programming. The program can be fictional or non-fictional. You can also watch multiple programs that total two hours. Be sure the program is related to the field of victimology.

Provide a brief summary of the programs you watched (no longer than a 5 sentence paragraph).

If your entire knowledge of victimologywas based on those two hours of programming, what would the impression of victims and the victimization experience be? What are the typical crime, victim, and offender? Are these experiences similar or different than what we have reviewed throughout the semester? In what ways are they similar and in what ways do they differ?

The response paper is due before class on December 6th by 10am. You must submit the paper on Canvas. 

*Response papers that are flawed in terms of content will be graded accordingly. For instance, points may be lost for incorrect statements regarding the book or incorrect application of key terms and theories. The above list is not inclusive of where points may be lost.

*If you elect to use quotes, APA format must be used. As a reference please see the following: