Insulin Resistance

Insulin Resistance

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Assignment: Following the same structure as your previous comparative analyses, except this time YOU research and CHOOSE a topic for the subject of your analysis. Your topic should be a health concern in the U.S. that has increasingly poor rates. Keep in mind that the U.S. does NOT have to have the worst rates when compared to comparable nations, however, be sure that there are comparable nations with better rates to use in your comparison. Considering the increasing problem in the U.S. (pertaining to your topic), outline one thing that would be a step in the right direction to address this, and address potential barriers to implementation. Research comparable nations’ strategies to address this issue or similar ones. Even if your idea is unique, your reasoning should be supported by evidence in some way. An intervention analysis of another country is mandatory. After outlining and supporting your idea (intervention) to improve your chosen problem, address potential barriers to putting your idea (intervention) into effect. NOTE: you can NOT use maternal mortality or amphetamines as your topic!

STEP TWO: Review the assignment guidelines

Must be AMA format (remember, to review the AMA guide herePreview the document)

Must be third person

Must have at least two researched academic sources

Must be 350 words or less (title page and reference page are not included in your word count)

Suggested outline:


Brief introduction summarizing the state of your problem in the U.S.

State a single “step in the right direction” intervention. Use at least one other country as a part of your reasoning.

Outline potential barriers

There will ALWAYS be barriers when it comes to implementing healthcare and public health interventions. Think of at least one barrier, outline how and why it will be a potential issue for your intervention (supported by evidence of course, at least one source). As leaders in healthcare it is important to anticipate these barriers, but keep in mind that they may or may not have a solution. You do NOT need to propose a solution to the barrier(s) that you outline (but you can).

Brief conclusion that summarizes your analysis