Diversity in the workplace

Diversity in the workplace

Preferred Language style   English (U.K.)

Type of document    Essay

Number of pages/words      11 Pages Double Spaced (approx 275 words per page)

Subject area  Management

Academic Level        Undergraduate

Style   Harvard

Number of sources/references       30

Order description:

Diversity, LGBT rights, inclusion and gender equality seem to be current preoccupations of our time. Are they reflected in the workplace?

Answer the question (Choose one side to answer the question. For example: How gender equality reflected in the workplace? OR How LGBT rights reflected in the workplace?)

Make the effort to develop an articulated and personal discussion. The argumentation must be substantiated by organisational behavior theories!

References does not included in the total world-count.


Introduction (less than 1 page)


Research question

Case study (mention the case study that have chosen)

Theory (why they are appropriate to answer the research question)

Outline of the rest paper

Methodology/Organizational behavior Theory (3-4 pages)

  1. Describe how you are going to answer the research questions by using the organizational theory
  2. Describe the theory (analytical strengths, analytical limitations)
  3. Analysis the theory – what can the theory do to answer the research question
  4. Critique the theory in terms of answering the question/ discuss the limitations
  5. If chosen more than one theory, repeat the above
  6. Summarize and make a connection to the next section

Data analysis – present the case (3-4 pages)

  1. Introduce the case study – brief description and how it is relevant in terms of the research questions
  2. Answer the research question

Case study evident a, analysis by element a, critique of the analysis and reflection of the critique

Case study evident b, analysis by element b, critique of the analysis and reflection of the critique…

make a connection to the next section

Make proposition (1-2page)

  1. Overall critique on the summarized analysis in terms of answering the research question
  2. Make theoretical propositions on how the theory can be improved

Conclusion (1/2 page)

Summarize: context, problem, question, theory and propositions + analyze, critique and reflect on them as a whole