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Course name: Family Violence Across the Lifespan.
Textbook: Barnett, O.W., MillerPerrin,
C.L., & Perrin, R.D. (2011). Family violence across the lifespan (3rd. edition). Thousand
Oaks, CA: Sage. ISBN13:
Case study:
Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. This is a song that Lisa, age twelve, sings after an
episode of yelling from her mother, Katrina. As long as Lisa can remember her mother has called her “stupid, ugly, dumb, fat,
and lazy.” The constant belittling, shaming, and humiliating have taken a toll on Lisa. She has nightmares, wets her bed, and
falls asleep in class. When her mother is not calling her names she is ignoring Lisa as “punishment” for not doing her chores.
Lisa’s teacher is very concerned about Lisa’s lack of energy and has called Katrina to set up a parent teacher conference. As
the school social worker, you have been asked to attend this meeting. At the meeting, Katrina tells you that Lisa is a “handful”
and that she is not sure she can continue to take care of her. She asks you if giving up her parental rights would be the best
for Lisa. Katrina goes on to explain that she is overwhelmed with work, she is being harassed by Lisa’s father, and her
mother has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. With all the things she has going on in her life she does not feel she is
capable of taking care of Lisa, who has become just one more burden.
are required to answer each of the following 4 questions:
1. Child neglect can severely impact a child’s mental health. From the empirical literature, discuss the short and longterm
consequences of child neglect?
• Include empirical data from research in your answer. The course text contains
information on research studies that consider the impact of emotional and/or
psychological neglect on children. (I will provide a copy of the chapter)
• In addition to this information, please locate at least 3 empirical research
articles from the peer review literature (published within the last 5 years). You can search a wide range of journals for this
information – however, I suggest starting with the journal Child Abuse and Neglect (it is available online)
2. Should Child Welfare be involved with this case? Why or why not?
• Include in your answer a discussion of specific community considerations (culturally responsive practice) in reporting cases
of suspected child maltreatment.
• Identify your state/local Child Protective Services Agency. Briefly discuss the services it provides.(Choose any Child
Protective Services Agancy in New York City)
3. How do you think the school social worker should respond to Katrina’s question about terminating her parental rights?
4. What services would Katrina and Lisa benefit from?
• Review and discuss practice and program interventions – as outlined in the text and in the Parent Training Brief (2013) [It
will be uploaded].
• You may also identify additional information and/or specific agency information. If relevant, you can include agency
information in an appendix.
(7) sources minimum