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PowerPoint presentation which critically analyses a crime control policy in either a local or international setting that relates to the theme of ‘Justice’. Students have autonomy in selecting their crime control policy. The policy could relate to victims/offenders, policing or punishment and rehabilitation. It should be narrow in focus. For example choosing ‘policing’ is too generic and wide but the ‘Policing of Domestic Violence in England and Wales’ is narrower in focus and more appropriate. Likewise, choosing ‘prison’ is too generic and wide but ‘Prison as industry’ in the United States’ is narrower in focus and more appropriate.
Your presentation will demonstrates knowledge, understanding and critical engagement with material/themes from the module and your own independent research. It will be presented in accordance with academic conventions.

Academic Conventions: Presentations will be intellectually informed, critically engaged, evidence-based and appropriately and accurately referenced (see the Harvard Referencing Guide on StudySpace).

Structure and Content: Your presentation will have an introduction, main body and a conclusion:

Introduction – who you are, what you are going to discuss and why? You will provide the context of what you are going to speak about, the sources that you will be drawing upon and the arguments that you will be making (2 minutes).

Main Body/Indicative Framework
– Detail of the crime control policy/historical analysis/rational
– Who is it targeted for and why?
– Intellectual arguments/Theoretical Underpinnings
– Critical Analysis of evidential support
– The way forward/what next? (11 – 12 minutes)
Conclusion – Tie together what you have stated/Affirm your position in relation to the crime control policy and invite questions (1 – 2 minutes)


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