Social-Control Agents and the Application of Diagnostic Stereotypes: The Beginning Destruction of Public Identity Essay Dissertation Help – Write My School Essay

you may use these references too

28. The Epistemological Challenge of the Early Attack on “Rate Construction,” Troy Duster

29. The Organizational Career of Gang Statistics: The Politics of Policing Gangs, Albert J. Meehan

30. Trial by Fire: Media Constructions of Corporate Deviance, Gray Cavender, Aogan Mulcahy
Social-Control Agents, Sanctioning, and the Production of Institutional Careers and Identities

31. Criminalizing Women’s Behavior, Nora S. Gustavsson, Ann E. MacEachron

32. Medicalizing Homelessness: The Production of Self-Blame and Self-Governing within Homeless Shelters, Vincent Lyon-Callo

Answer these questions

1. List and discuss the four recurring elements of the crime news frame according to Cavender and Mulcahy. Why does this news frame better fit stories of street crime than corporate white collar narratives.

2. In Lyon-Callo’s study, how do routine homeless shelter practices “produce” homeless subjects. Be sure to frame your answer around the medicalization of homelessness and social inequality (i.e., resulting from drugs, alcohol, or social trauma).

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