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For this unit’s culminating activity you are asked to depict what you have learned about philosophy and/or what the subject
means to you through one of the following art forms: illustration, collage, painting, music, film, dance, poetry or fiction. Most
importantly, this assignment must be creative meaning that it is important that you attempt to present your ideas in an
interesting and original manner.
You must also provide a one page written explanation of what it is you have tried to communicate with your artistic piece. Be
sure to clearly note any topics from course lessons that have influenced your work, and briefly explain why they appear in
your creative assignment.
For example, if John Locke’s political philosophy regarding freedom and property influenced you strongly, and is shown in
your creative piece, then be sure to clarify that in your explanation.
Regardless of the art form that you choose to produce, it is important that somewhere in your work you indicate your name so
that I can know that you are in fact its author. You will be graded on your ability to capture the spirit and sentiment of philosophy in an inventive and unique manner.