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The CAL Final Report is a 2,500-word document (beyond the literature review and problematising write-up). It details how you approached identifying, reflecting upon and planning to solve your identified, workplace-based problem and addressed issues encountered during the problem-solving process, and it outlines the outcomes from the process. Additionally, the report should detail how you have applied the learning in this module and have integrated your understanding of leadership and community into your organisational practice and the problematising process.
As such, the Final Report:

• May be written in first or third person;
• Provides a narrative account of the iterative process of engaging with leadership and community to achieve enhanced understanding and potential resolution of your workplace-based problem;
• Identifies the steps taken to identify, reflect upon and address the problem;
• Indicates how the literature informed the process;
• Indicates how dialogue and activities in the Learning Set informed the process;
• Provides conclusions drawn from the process and module experience;
• Addresses a plan for action and for being a change agent in your professional practice.
You can draw from all work to date including the Problematising Write-Up and Critical Literature Review.

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