Utopia paper

Utopia 2155 project

Research Essay: Utopia paper

This is a 8 page research paper where you are to create your Utopia. To do this you need to do extensive research to help shape your ideas and make sure they are logical. You need to include at least five outside sources for this paper and have a works cited page. Even though I invite you to be creative in this paper, please do not lose sight that you need to look into the past to create the future. Looking at aspects of history that mirror the categories you choose to write about will not only strengthen your ideas, but will show that you have given different ideas and strategies consideration.


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Back story:

The Year is 2155.  The world has changed much since what is now referred to as the œThe Age of Ending circa 2011.  Historians now view that time as the time when things started to go wrong.  Technology had advanced just enough to bring new definition to the word œprivacy.  Terrorism ran rampant as the news continuously had live updates on the latest destruction.  The eco-system was out of control as hurricanes and earthquakes ravaged the land.  Tensions were high, and every country with the ability to destroy the world held their fingers nervously to their little red buttons.  In the year 2031, the pressure finally got to be too much.  One country after another threatened to do the unimaginable for years until one fateful day when everybody did.  Historians are unclear who the first to send the destruction were, but the results were undeniable: mass destruction, a clearing out of anything and everything ever known.  All that remains of that world is what was found in the history books.


You have been contacted by the UWG (United World Government) to bring hope to an otherwise doomed world.  You and your crack staff have been chosen to help reshape world for the next generation. Your committee, along with such groups from around the globe will submit a presentation to the UWG in December(finals week).  The task at hand has never been more important.  The goal is simple: Persuade the UWG that your new world, your utopia, is the only one that can work.  The weight of the world has never been put so squarely on anyone’s shoulders as they are right now.

The Paper:

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Write a 8 page persuasive essay that demonstrates what your utopia will be like in the year 2155.  Since we are talking about the future, you are not limited to any technologies we have today.  Be creative.  Give each idea deep thought and consideration.  This is also a research project.  You need to use at least 6 outside sources to help you make your argument.  Find other utopias or perfect societies to help develop your idea, or go to the past to see what has not worked to help you stay away from history repeating itself.  Discuss your ideas in a way that you appeal to your audience and make them want to follow you lead.  Use the skills from your convincing and mediation projects to œtake it to the next level.




Some Topics:

There are many aspects of your utopias that you can explore.  Below is a list of ideas to get you started.  You do not have to use all of the things listed. You need to use at least 3 from the list below, and you can add other categories as you see fit.

1.            Education

2.            Transportation

3.            Government

4.            Military

5.            Entertainment

6.            Technology

7.            Economy

8.            Geography

9.            Culture

10.          Agriculture

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