To what extent is internet banking safe

Describe and evaluate how security and privacy systems work on internet banking.

(1) Selections of range/data materials appropriate to the chosen project title :

You have collected material from at least ten sources demonstrating a clear ability to source data relevant to the topic covered by the project. To score at the higher end of the band you need to demonstrate a keen understanding of the supportive nature of the data that you have collected.

(2).Explanation of the key issues/concepts related to the project title.

The student demonstrates a strong grasp of the key issues/concepts relevant to their chosen project area. The explanation of the issues will be coherent and reflect a good understanding of the subject matter.

(3). Contruction of the relationship between the data/materials and the chosen project title.

The student has a very good grasp of the relationship between the data and the topic under investigation. The relationship is explained and a strong link established.

(4). Analysis of the data/materials within the framework of the chosen title and with respect to the issues/concepts raised

The student has clear ability to analyse the data/materials and the key issues/concepts relevant to the topic area of investigation. A keen understanding of how the data are to be analysed for the purpose of achieving the project objectives is clear.

(5). Drawing of conclusions related to the title.

The student shows an ability to provide reasoned conclusions in reaching the objectives of the project. The objectives are achieved with use of the analysis within the project and the data collected