public speaking

Journalism, mass media and communication

Project description
hi we have analyzing persuasive for trojan condoms company, please follow these instructions:
1) we have three analyzing persuasive about 1) print advertising 2) online advertising 3) tv commercial
2) every part most be two pages
3) every party most include introduction, three main points and conclusion
4)the print will cover logos  the Aristotle principle logical appeal
5)the online advertising should cover ethos speaker credibility which is consist of three parts speaker’s competency, goodwill , and character in trojan condoms in online advertising
6)the tv commercial should cover pathos œemotional appeal consists of 1) hierachy of needs 2) specific emotional targets
7) the main source is the natural speaker , 7th edition by randy fujishin
8) for more information about : logos, ethos and pathos read chapter 10 from the book above
9)please follow these instructions any point not from the instructions not acceptable
10) there are three documents will be uploaded about the guidelines about this topics