The Negotiation Strategy

English (U.S.)

Dear Sir, We have a course called Cross Cultural negotiation & Management. This course basically develops the skills of how to negotiate and deal with business`s issues (it does not has to be business) in terms of culture across the world. Each week we have a negotiation practise in a particular topic with another group. For example, negotiation about buying a car (we could be the seller or the buyer), a debate between the government and the community (we could be the government representative or the community) and so on¦Every week, each group has secret information about the weekly negotiation ( it will be attached ). We are students who tend to get high marks in this course so please take everything seriously. The following is a required of the negotiation task and what we want you to do exactly. Required:

A- Please read the attachments carefully which is the secrets information. B- Writing Group’s negotiation strategy (our strategy in this negotiation) we going to follow it and it will be given to the professor before the negotiation (as a helpful document we will attach¦¦¦¦