Quasi-experimental Research Design

The foundation of both observational research and experimental design methods each contributes significantly to the study and practice of public health.

1.What are the strengths and weaknesses of the research methodology presented in Brownson et al. (2007)?
2.What value did using a quasi-experimental design add to the research study?
3.How does this impact the validity of the research project?
4.What do you believe is the best strategy for disseminating research results? Support your position

Reference :
Brownson, R., Ballew, P., Brown, K., Elliott, M., Haire-Joshu, D., Heath, G., et al. (2007). The effect of disseminating evidence-based interventions that promotes physical activity to Health Departments. American Journal of Public Health, 97(10), 1900�1907.

This article presents research findings from a study that explored the effects of disseminating evidence-based practices with the goal of promoting physical activity. This article offers a firm example of research reporting in the field of public health.