The Biggest Losers to Cyber Terrorism

People talk about computers being only as reliable as the people behind them.

I would say that there is no substitute for vigilant employees monitoring one another and keeping other employees honest.

Q1. While there are insiders who sometimes are working for the wrong side in all aspects, we mostly see that their damage is done in the cyber domain. Why do you think this is? Is it because of the seemingly easy access and transportation of information?

There are some very good examples of both personal and professional cyber terrorism.

Q2.Let’s look at one aspect in particular. There are always backups for the backups and backups for those backups¦but what happens when they all fail? No matter how many layers of redundancy we provide there will always be the chance that it could be lost. Then what? Do all of these large international banking companies still hold hard copies of this type of information?

When the internet and the banking systems crash, who will really be the rich people?