Final Course Project Submission: Compensation Decisions

Final Course Project Submission: Compensation Decisions 

To apply critical thinking skills in completing the employee process from job analysis to compensation based on performance. In Weeks 3 and 5, you submitted information to help you in completing the final project. Feedback was provided to assist you in maximizing points earned on this final paper. To properly complete this final project, you must include the instructor feedback provided to this final paper. You are now going to make compensation decisions based on performance.

Category Criteria


Compensation Decisions Make compensation decisions and explain how you would compensate each of the employees with the budget dollars provided (see Compensation Template in Doc Sharing). You must provide substantiation for your salary decisions. Even with the decisions you make, what might be some consequences? Input your decisions into the template. Include your risk analysis.


Literature Review Then, write a 6“10 page paper providing an overall review of the entire process created from job analysis to compensation. Would you change anything in your process at this point? Why? Why not? Include four scholarly articles related to compensation: two articles focused on general compensation and two articles on making compensation decisions. Do not use any verbiage/portion of your previously submitted article reviews from Written Assignments 1 or 2. This article review should be original to this final project assignment.



Follow Guidelines and Best Practices sections below.



Submit the following:

  1. Compensation decisions with substantiation and risk analysis (100 points)
  2. Readability (20 points)

Total Points: 220




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A quality paper will meet or exceed all of the following requirements. Reference the Grading Rubrics section for each assignment’s specific point distributions. There is a Grading Rubric Template posted in Doc sharing (Excel® spreadsheet) identifying specific criteria. This spreadsheet will be used for grading assignments.

These assignments will be graded on the following criteria:

  • Paper follows instructions as outlined
  • Paper has topical flow with like subjects in each paragraph
  • Paragraph transitions are present and logical
  • Quality of research topic, quality of paper information
  • Proper use of citations
  • Proper grammar; punctuation, spelling, etc.
  • Page count follows guidelines
  • Sentences are complete, clear, and concise
  • Writing style follows appropriate graduate college level writing
  • Paper content is thorough, and information included is relevant and provides depth and clarity of theories as well as theory application
  • All key elements of the assignment are covered in a substantive way
  • Concepts are reviewed clearly, supported by specific details (examples or analysis)
  • Correct use of vocabulary and theory

Best Practices

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  • Include all aspects of the assignment criteria outlined.
  • Follow APA or MLA format guidelines.
  • There should be theory used in each assignment as outlined.
  • Keller Graduate School (DeVry University) policies are in effect including the plagiarism policy; cite in text when quoting (copying information word for word) or using words/thoughts that are not your own.
  • Submit assignments in Word® documents and templates only, posted in the Dropbox.
  • All papers should have a separate title page, which includes name, paper title, and university.
  • Article reviews should have topical flow with like subjects in each paragraph.
  • Proofread your papers before submitting. Spell check is not foolproof.
  • There should be no copied information. Use critical thinking skills to understand the material researched.
  • According to APA, academic papers should be third person.
  • Academic writing is a formal writing style, sharing information and facts (theory).
  • Fully describe the concepts and theories; what does the information mean? If you make a statement such as, œAll people who break the law should improve their communication skills to stay out of jail, you mustsubstantiate that statement. If that statement is not your own thought or is a statistic, cite it. If it is your opinion, state that and explain what led to that conclusion. Provide enough information to validate and explain statements.
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