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As a project management professional, there are some uncertainties that I may come across during my line of work. They are dependent on the project objectives, processes and work environment. The management issues I have experienced refers to the events or outcomes of an inevitable aspect of a project. Some of the uncertainties that I may face include price inflation and a reduced labor force. However, these uncertainties can be managed with the use of proper management methods. To curb the cost of inflation, the total cost of the project can be increased to cater for this eventuality. If the prices increased beyond the expected amount, the additional funds would be used to cushion against the rising cost of the project (Clements, 2012). An agile methodology can be used to ensure that the uncertainties are properly managed. The use software management systems to help in project management will help in increasing the level of accuracy in determining the uncertainties. The increased accuracy will ensure that the project manager is in a position to correctly predict and prepare for the uncertainties, should they occur. The agile management will help in collecting and computing statistical data regarding the outcomes of the project. The approach ensures limited losses associated with wastes and inefficiency characterizing traditional management approaches. This has  resultant positive outcome for the organization and personnel.

Discussion 2: Change Management

While changing the management of any project, there are some uncertainties that a project manager might face during the course of the project. These uncertainties vary from one project to another and are unique to each scenario. Some of the uncertainties include the failure of the new manager to complete the transfer process, and rejection by the employees (Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth, 2014). These changes are dependent on both of the involved parties and the work environment. However, there are various ways that these uncertainties can be managed to ensure the management process does not lead to a complete failure. The incoming manager can be adequately trained on the various issues that may be involved in the project. The employees may be taken through a good transition process that will open their minds towards the new manager. This can be done by including them in the entire process. This will make them aware of the happenings within the project, which will act as a motivator. Agile methodology can play a role in managing this uncertainty. A software management program can be used to statistically measure all the variables in this uncertainty (Montes-Guerra et al, 2015). This will provide all the necessary information to the employees, which is a means of keeping them in the loop of what is happening.

Uncertainty plays a significant role when there are management of changes in an organization. The uncertainty changes over time and its management may affect the success and operations of an organization. Organizational changes are always dependent on the predominant issue being handled by the management. The entire process of change is determined by the associated uncertainties. Therefore, all management changes must factor all these issues successfully.

Discussion 3: Project Stakeholders

Each stakeholder has their different opinion regarding various situations within the project. In most cases, stakeholders are looking to gain something from the entire project in the end. The stakeholders have different success goals and ambitions. For this reason, the success of the project is viewed differently by everyone. The success of the project will be determined the achievement of the individual goals and ambitions of the stakeholders. The stakeholders have something to gain or lose from the project. The project process from conceptualization, initiation, implementation and final execution must be according to the set processes. Finally the monitoring, evaluation, reporting and closure must be done in a way acceptable to the stakeholders so that they may accept a project outcome.  The use of different models might impact this, because it will be a means of achieving varying goals and objectives of the stakeholders (Irani, 2010). For this reason, different models may be used to achieve different goals. The stakeholders will be satisfied at varying levels and degrees. For the stakeholders that do not get satisfied, they will have to look for other methods that will help in achieving their desires goals and objectives. However, each stakeholder will get the desired satisfaction from the project. Therefore, the chosen model should be in a position to achieve all these desires so that the stakeholders may categorize themselves to be successful people in the project undertaking.

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