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in 750 words

Drawing upon a number of examples of your choosing, demonstrate how the web can be used to vary the price element of the marketing mix. Conclude by assessing whether, based upon your analysis, the web constitutes a disruptive innovation for marketing. Please remember that you should only select a single element of the Marketing mix, say for example price or place but not both.
Your essay must show how theoretical foundations can be applied in practical applications. To succeed it is critical that you read both text books and journal articles to see how others have used theories of Marketing you are writing about and use their ideas to underpin your own arguments
If you don’t include such arguments based on literature sources, properly referenced in your work, you will fail this element.
It must be written in essay format and in accordance with the rules relating to using Harvard referencing. This should be included as a subsection of the main report.
In no more than 750 words.

Explain brief the marketing mix but focus on Web Impact on Price Strategy

– Price comparison very easy
– Monitor Consumer very easy
– Easy access to products and eliminate intermediaries

Please Descript, analyse and provide critique by using various academic journal.
It is not recommended to use the only one type of reference.

The following structure of the report
– Introduction
– Body
– Conclusion

up to 10 reference

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