Sense of Self & Functions of Self

Social psychologists contend that a human can organize his or her understanding of the self in multiple ways, including formation of the 
self-concept and the use of self-schemas, 
self-esteem, and 
self-efficacy. Such self distinctions are supported through research depicting three main self functions, including reflexive consciousness, or the ability to look upon oneself; interpersonal engagement, or the awareness of oneself as interacting with others; and executive function, or the self’s role in taking 
control of daily functioning. Finally, there are at least three key motives for why the self functions as it does, including the need to learn more about oneself, the need to believe positively about oneself, and the need for consistency in self-knowledge. Explore the functions of self and the motives for self-functioning and consider the existence of possible or multiple selves and how the concept of self might relate to life.

Describe a recent EVENT of self-concept and the use of self-schemas, self-esteem, and self-efficacy.

Describe one of the three main functions of the self (ability to engage in reflexive consciousness, ability to interact with others, or ability to control daily functioning) that were evident in the event you selected and explain why.

Explain which of the three motives for self-functioning (need to learn, need to believe positively about yourself, or need to have consistent belief in yourself) may have motivated your actions in the event you selected and why.


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