Second Hand Smoke

Annotated Bibliography

Developing your research materials, provide an annotated bibliography with a minimum of ten scholarly sources that address your selected health topic. Your annotated bibliography should contain the following elements:

1.APA formatted citation

2.A description of the article a.What did it address?

b.What methodology was used?

c.What were the outcomes?

d.What was the conclusion?

3.Apply this article to your intervention/project addressing the following issues: a.Is it the same population?

b.Is it the same method you plan to use?

c.Does it obtain similar outcomes to your intended project? If so, what are those outcome similarities? If not, why is there a difference?


4.Concluding Statement: a.Synthesize your research by analyzing the conclusions from the existing literature.

b.Based on this conclusion, propose the strategy you intend to use to address your selected health topic and population.