Paper instructions:

You did the first portion of my essay on œROLE THEORY a few weeks ago, and I would like for you to do the second portion. I received feedback from my professor, on what areas can/need to be improved. Are you able to complete this? First is the professors suggestion, and the essay details will follow. I selected 8 pages, what do you think? Is is possible for you to complete this? and do you need me to upload the previous paper?

Professor’s remarks
Issues to explored-
First- role theory has a lot more elements associated with it then what you explored in your paper; role conflict, role strain are two really big ones. You did not mention either.

Second- in your abstract you open a door, but failed to continue along your example line; œfather is not expected to behave like a gardener. When you make a statement like this, follow through- since you have declared what role a father is not to perform, then what are the social expectations for the œrole of a father?

Third- your reference area was very poorly constructed. You use APA style for Ribbens, but then you turn around and don’t use APA style for Dulin? Make sure to get this style correct on your next assignment (I think this was my mistake, as I did change the information around).

Essay requirements
You have already chosen your theory, so you will continue analyzing and exploring your already chosen theory. Do not include or attach your previous essay with this essay. This essay should be a bit more sophisticated than your first part of the assignment, in that you have had some feedback and improvement is expected. Please number each part of your essay; 2, 3, and part 5. I can not always distinguish which part you are or are not addressing and your grade will suffer if it is not clearly identified. Also, this is an essay and with an essay I would expect a full and thorough response to each area, including citations in the context of your paper and at the end of your paper, in APA format. I expect about a page or more on each of these essay areas.


Critical Evaluation of Social Psychology Essay 100 Points

In this paper you will continue to work you started with the Historical Issue Paper, and complete components 2,3 and 5 of the

2. Demonstrate your ability to analyze and critique those assumptions, principles, and any associated empirical findings. Your analysis will break apart these ideas and discuss how they work together as well as discussing the implications of the position, as a whole. Your critique will evaluate the worth or effectiveness of both the theory and methods developed and employed in the study or studies that develop the ideas.

3. Since these traditions have been around for a while, they have each developed subsequent literatures. You should find what recent social psychologists have done with your research tradition, both pro and con, and add to their discussions of these theoretical principles and empirical findings.

5. Identify a specific event or events either in your own life or in public discourse (or both). Briefly the event(s), including how you understood them before you attempted to apply these social psychological concepts. Critique your pre-existing notions. What are their strengths and weaknesses? Do you have any biases?