Philosophy Questions Academic Essay – Write My School Essay

answering the question ( Q 9& 10) are the most important
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1. Explain Aristotle’s theory that virtue is a mean between two extremes, and give an example
2. Explain Anselm’s Ontological Argument
3. Explain one of Aquinas’s proofs for the existence of God.
4. Explain the problem of evil and one of the solutions given by the authors we’ve read
5. Explain why Maimonides thinks it is a bad idea for ordinary people to study Metaphysics
6. Explain why Plato thinks it is in your own selfinterest
to be a moral person.
7. Explain the difference between induction and deduction, and then explain what is required of each for them to be good
8. Explain what the parent/child relationship is supposed to be like, according to Confucius, and then explain how that
relates to all of his other relationships.
9. Epistemology: Many of the philosophers we have read have given arguments about what, if anything, we can know.
Describe Plato’s, Aristotle’s, and Sextus Empiricus’s views on this subject. Give examples of different kinds of beliefs and
evidence, and then describe what each of them would say about whether we should trust those beliefs / evidence.
10. Living a good life: Choose at least four different philosophers who we have talked about in this class, and compare and
contrast their views about how to live a good life. What do they think constitutes happiness? What specific actions do they
recommend? Be thorough and give examples.