Personal Ethics Statement

Personal Ethics Statement 

75 Points

OBJECTIVE:  The objective of this assignment is to encourage you to explore your personal ethical perspectives and how those perspectives will fit into a career in business.  You will have to give thoughtful consideration to what your values are, where those values came from, and how they will influence your professional career.  Your assignment will be evaluated on the criteria below.

LeBow Focus:

  Learn to consider positions, both co-op and permanent, by seeking more than just a paycheck.  Instead, you might consider a good fit in terms of skills, future growth, fit with the organizations culture, and fair compensation.

Problem Solving:
  Give thoughtful consideration to times in your personal life and future professional life when your ethics might have been or might be compromised and think through possible ways to deal with those types of situations.

Career Planning:
  Acknowledge that a career in business is more than performing certain tasks. You must also consider the culture of the environment in which you work and seek a good fit between your ethical values and those of the organization

  œCommit to paper your ethical values and use that document to guide you as you pursue a career in business.

Personal Evaluation

            GOAL:  For this paper you will have to clearly identify and explain your ethical       perspective by responding to the following questions.  Your responses should be in paragraph form and you should use 1-2 examples to clarify your experiences and       reasoning.

                        *How do you personally determine what is right or wrong? (give 1-2 examples)

                        *Where does your personal ethical perspective come from?  (give 1-2 examples)

                        *What do you expect from yourself in dealing with others?

                                    a)  personally (give 1-2 examples)


                                    b)  professionally (give 1-2 examples)?

                        *What do you expect from others in dealing with you? 

                                    a)  personally (give 1-2 examples)


                                    b)  professionally (give 1-2 examples)

                        *What is meant by œcore values?  What are your core values? (give 1-2                                          examples)           

                        *How have your core values influenced your decision making? (give 1-2                                          examples)

                        *Consider what you might do if someone asked you to compromise your ethical foundation. 

                        *Good people sometimes make bad decisions.  Explain why you think this might be happening in today’s business environment.

                        *Give one example of unethical business practices or activities by attaching an article of your choosing.  Summarize the article and give your perspective on why this might have taken place.


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