Molok deep waste collection in Montana State, US

Summarize the content of your plan and the important aspects. No more than one page is sufficient.

Research Plan?

This section will include a description of the strategic objectives that you want to achieve in exporting to two potential countries with some explanation of why these objectives are important to the organization.

You will also identify the issues or topics you are researching with regards to why these issues are important in exporting to the potential markets you have selected. These issues or topics need to be addressed to determine the benefit of doing business in one market over the other.

Logic and Analysis of Data?

In this section, you will discuss the transforming of the data collected to information that can be used in assessing the impact on the issues identified in the research plan.

Charts and statistical analysis may be presented to show trends, forecasts and estimates. The analysis carried out here will become the foundation for the decisions that will appear in the conclusion and will provide the basis for any recommendations.

You should take care to ensure that the analysis is not too complex and is relevant to the key issues being addressed.

You will address the competitive intelligence of the enterprise in the specific market. You will be expected to address five issues:

. what factors would be regarded as important characteristics of the industry in that country?

. who are the main competitors in this market?

. what are the current positions of these competitors and how dominant are they in this market?

. what are the competitors doing that makes them a competitive force in the market?

. what can your organization do to achieve a competitive advantage?

Conclusion and Action Plan?


Data is transformed to present decisions on the issues previously selected, to identify the appropriate market to enter and whether any product modifications are necessary.

The plan of action would identify what needs to be done to affect a successful market entry into the market identified as the most appropriate.

This section should tie all the sections together and provide the reader with a full picture of the important issues for the markets studied.

Overall Format of the International Trade Research Plan?

. Pay attention to spelling and grammar. The plan must be clear and not lead to confusion.

. Remember that you are being tested on your knowledge of the principles of international trade research and your ability to demonstrate your understanding through the research plan.

tip: The most important information regarding waste management trends and state specific information data regarding the major waste management ?haulers? needs to be strengthened. How big are the three largest national ?haulers? in your state and who are the largest ?haulers? in each of your states. Are they national or regional? Most importantly, what is the coverage, revenues, number of employees for Waste Management Inc. in your states?