International dance school in Munich, Germany

International dance school in Munich, Germany

Paper details

you have to create business plan for the first INTERNATIONAL modern dance school in Munich Germany that gonna have foreign and multinational dance teachers as well as clients-dancers from many countries, school has to arrange international competitions and battles, this school must be monopoly school, all the details i will provide in additional materials

     Writing a Business Plan Final Project                                               June 1, 2014 


Course:                                  Small Business Management


Here follow some key elements on the structure of a business plan and a brief overview of what the Executive Summary can contain.


These provide a reference for developing your project.




Typical business plan is 25 to 50 pages long

      (our assignment has a length of 4 to 8 pages)


Title page and table of contents

Executive summary

Mission statement

Company history

Business and industry profile

      Business Context

      Competitor analysis

Business strategy

      Promising Opportunity

      Risks and Rewards

Description of products/services

Marketing strategy

Key people “ Owners’ and managers’ résumés

Plan of operation

Financial forecasts

                  Recall to include three forecasts:

                  pessimistic, most likely and optimistic

                  Projected financial statements

                              Monthly for one year



                              Quarterly for next two

                  Income statement

                  Balance sheet

                  Cash Flow

                  Capital expenditures



The Executive Summary


n  This should be a short overview of the overall business plan, no more than 2 pages long. It could be thought of as an elevator pitch or the back of a book cover. Its goal is to interest the reader in the document and motivate them to read further.


n  Provides reader with everything that needs to be known about new venture



  1. Describe the opportunity
  2. Describe how your product or service meets the opportunity
  3. Describe your qualifications
  4. Describe your market






  • The project is designed to allow students to apply concepts learned in this course and others
  • The project is composed of three parts: two written documents and a final presentation in the form of œa pitch presenting your small business idea to investors or stakeholders (e.g. community, potential employees)



See course syllabus for further details