International Business

One Page Topic Summary “ Team Final Business Proposal

AI1370 “ International Business

Due Date: Tuesday 5/2/2013 by Midnight

Via Email “ One Page per Team.

Late assignments will have a penalty.

Prof Dayanna Polanco

The final paper and presentation involves writing a business proposal to expand an existing product or service into a new foreign market. The proposal will apply lessons learned in this course and seek to demonstrate profit potential of the product or service. The presentation should include: market potential for the product/service, cost of operations, competition, barriers to enter, political and economical risks, sources of financing and foreign exchange issues.

Please make sure you include this information in the One Page Summary:


Which product or service you decided and why?


Which country and why?


How will you get your product to the selected market? (Point of Entry)

Note:  I need specific information on the different questions above in order to approve your topic. Please use supportive data and references.


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