eminent of mediocrity

How did Stalin, who was considered by Trotsky as œthe most eminent of mediocrity Rise to Become the œRed Tsar of Russia?

Ok this is my IB extended Essay so make sure the writer knows how to write an IB extended Essay. Furthermore, all your sources have to come from questia.com. If it is not a website it needs to be from questia.com meaning all the books and other sources. I want the following books to be included in the Extended Essay.

“ Stalin and the shaping of the Soviet Union By Alex De Jonge

“ Soviet Disunion A History of the Nationalities problem in the USSR by Bohdan Nahaylo and Victor Swoboda

“ Stalin Breaker of Nations By Robert Conquest (Author of the Great Terror)

“ An introduction to Russian History and Culture 5th edition by Ivar Spector

Also make sure the citing of your all sources in the essay and outside the essay is in MLA format. No footnotes, tribuna or anything like that. It has to be in MLA format. Everything has to be in MLA format. Finally make sure you understand how to write an IB extended Essay “ don’t make it sound to sophisticated make sound like a senior in high school is writing this. Also make sure to include historiography but not too much. Most should be your own analysis and writing.

Make sure you know how to format and write an extended essay.

All sources, other then websites (which includes historians’ viewpoints) must come from questia.com