Innovation and Risk Management Academic Essay – Write My School Essay

Choose an innovative organisation and critically analyse the seven dimensionsnwithin a strategic innovation framework
to produce a portfolio of outcomes that drivengrowth in your chosen organisation. Please I have Highlight what I need in
the Essay is very important and also I with enclosed the reference lists text book and the Journal websites for you to look for
references.Please I with attached the question paper for your detail area I have highlights and I need everything in the
paper.nKey text books and Journal reference followingnCore Text:nWinning at New Products: Cooper, R: Perseus
Publishing. 2011.nKey Texts:nLynda Grattan Hot
Spots – Pearson – 2007nClaude Fussler Driving
Pearson – 1996nAndy Bruce and David Birchall – Fast Track to Success – Pearson 2009
nTom Burns and G.M Stalker
– The Management of Innovation OUP
Oxford;nrevised edition 1994nPage 13 of 16nJane Henry Creative
Management and Development Sage;
third editionn2008nJournal List:nThe following Journals are appropriate to the
module and will contain further articlesnwhich you may find helpful:n􀀀 The Economist Magazine.n􀀀 Sunday Times
Newspaper.n􀀀 BBC Website on the Global Economic Crisis.nWebsitesnYou will find the Websites below helpful for the
module and are advised to consultnthem regularly. You may discover other Websites which are also helpful.
Annotatednweb links, multiple choice questions and other useful resources can be found Journal of Risk Assessment and Managementnhttp://www.
International Journal of Product Developmentnhttp://www. Journal of Product Innovation Managementnhttp://www.
International Journal of Oil, Gas & Coal Technologyn􀀀,, EconomicsUK.comn􀀀 Other Sources: The
Economistn􀀀 Times, Telegraph, Independent, Guardian, Financial Times