Improving pharmaceutical performance of mannitol by producing antisolvent preciptitation in the presence of various additives. Essay Dissertation Help – Write My School Essay

MINIMUM OF 2000 words.

Title..Improving pharmaceutical performance of mannitol by producing antisolvent preciptitation in the presence of various additives.


Start with general background and context; focus down to relevant details; finish by stating aims (to improve the pharmaceutical performance of mannitol, i.e. tabletability and the dissolution rate of poorly soluble drug formulated with mannitol (develop on this)).

Some of the topics to discuss:
What is mannitol (general info, uses (espeacilly in tableting), strengths, limitations (compare these to alternatives used in tablets))
Tabletability (importance of good tabletability, what properties make for good tabletability, current methods being investigated for improving tabletability)
Dissolution (importance of good dissolution, what properties make for good dissolution, current methods being investigated for improving dissolution)
Explain theoretically how the following may improve pharmaceutical performance of mannitol
1. Polyvinylpyrrolidone K 30, average Mw 40,000 5%
2. Poly(vinyl alcohol) (30-70 kda) 5%
3. Primogel 5%
4. Primellose 5%

Summary of relevant past research. Use the following papers to conduct a critical review and from these form a reason as to why carrying out this experiment is important.
Use the following papers at the least.
1. Flow, packing and compaction properties of novel coprocessed multifunctional directly compressible excipients prepared from tapioca starch and mannitol
Oluwatomide Adeoye & Gbenga Alebiowu

2. A review of co-processed directly compressible excipients.
M. C. Gohel, Lallubhai Motilal College of Pharmacy, Navarangpura, Ahmedabad, India
Pranav D Jogani1

3. Continuous manufacturing of delta mannitol by cospray drying with PVP
V. Vanhoornea, P-J. Van Bockstalb, B. Van Snicka, E. Peetersb, T. Monteyneb, P. Gomesc, T. De Beerb, J.P. Remona, C. Vervaeta,
4. Influence of mannitol concentration on the physicochemical, mechanical and pharmaceutical properties of lyophilised mannitol
Waseem Kaialy, Usman Khan, Shadan Mawlud

A comprehensive concise review of previous work should be revised. Incorporate these into the essay rather than separating them into paragraphs.

Don’t include experimental details or results.

At the end of the introduction

Give background on what is to be done and why (Purpose of study: What was objective of experiment? )
Commertial grade powders were mixed and then crystalised into the 7 samples. These were then compared to the corresponding physical mixtures. They were compared using the types of analysis listed below (Apart from potential analysis).

Indicate the proposed development.
Quick explanation of research area.
Put the experiment in context.