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This week you will role play the clinical educator! Using your knowledge and resources from weeks 5 and 6, you are the clinical educator for a senior student or for a novice nurse in orientation (your choice), from 0700-1530 on a medical-surgical unit. Create a table for a typical clinical day with this patient assignment, starting with pre-conference at 7, through post-conference at 2:45. Include the following in a narrative:

• How would you structure the day? The student will have two patients.
• What preparation will you require from the student?
• How will you include experiences that engage the student in interdisciplinary communication, foster independence, and explore individual learning needs?
• Identify two topics each for pre and post-conference, and some ideas as to how you will structure post-conference.

APA 2 pages each case study that include the above information 2 references each case study no older than 5 years one can be used from the reading references provided below
Provide a brief description of the learning activities and rationale for choices. In your initial thread, paste in the patient cases, so all will know what the assignment is for your student.

Part 2: Each Case study should be 1and 1/2 page APA with 2 references each no older than 5 years one can be used from the reading references provided at the bottom.

Respond to two other case studies, and consider the following: Listed Below
• Additional ideas for clinical activities
• Address the organization of the day
• Strategies for promoting learning in clinical environments
• Possible issues or problems that could occur and how to resolve them.



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