Project description

provide two major elements of construction for task 2 and describe the construction process. For example, lets say you have a ventilated concrete raft or ground floor slab construction. Explain the reason for floating the slab, how the slab is supported and all the other elements that make it work successfully like insulation, clearance from soil, vent holes etc and how it helps in achieving safety (structural) and comfort. Second example may be cavity insulated brick wall or roof trusses with loft insulation etc. Refer to building regs. LOCATE THE SECTION PLANE THAT BEST SUITS YOUR DESIGN. You are free to produce any number of drawings including sections.


All information is attached.

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8. Student Hours 2. Clearly illustrate how the design delivers both the physical functional aspirations of the client while

The suggested time to complete the work is 15 hours creating a legally and socially acceptable living space.

3. Define, describe and specify the range of materials selected for the design and clearly list the

9- Aims 3³œ obiectives: technical reasons for the selection with emphasis on the following aspects:

The aim of this coursework is for you to demonstrate your technical comprehension of the aspects i˜ Appropriateness and Spitapi’ity for the purpose Specmed˜

that influence the design of a traditional low-rise building, i.e. houses in the UK. ii˜ SUStainapi’ity raptors afiecung or prompting the seledipn’

4. Your design will have to clearly illustrate all the structural aspects that are absolute for the safe

10- Learning OUtcomes construction and occupation of a family home. Only simple structural elements need be illustrated by

On satisfactory completion of this module you will be able to: means of annotated drawings showing the basic load paths and response of the structural elements

to the dead and applied loads.

1. Identify and define the purpose of design and construction details appropriate to traditional low-

rlse b idngs 5. The design will have to conform with all the laws and regulations of the land at the time and this must

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be clearly referenced and cited where appropriate. Adherence to Building Regulations and Standards

2. Apprecrate the main physical functional requrrements of burldrngs and describe the factors, is mandatory and is implied in any building design

which must be considered when creating an acceptable living environment.

5. Define the range of material properties related to construction and explain where they are

appropriate to material selection; The task requires you to design a 3 bed detached house (Ground Floor (GF) + First Floor (FF) = 145 m2

including garage) in Coventry, UK with a link double garage. The house is located on a north facing

7. Apply the princrples of structural mechanics to determine the structural response of srmple

aspect With the rear garden enjoying a south facrng aspect. The plot size IS 30 meters north to south and

structural elements;


12 meters east to west and IS a perfect rectangle.

Introduction 1. The design shall include fully annotated plans. elevations. side and rear elevations for the ground

Any building project starts with a c/ientthat needs some space for a certain activity. The client˜s brief is and œm floor as need be In Clear onhographlc projecnon together W’th a seetlon drawmg along

th t I’ f rtht th.Th t’ d ˜ hId’Id d’IIttth

then translated into a burlding that can satisfy their needs, eg. a house, school. hospital. railway station. e Gen re me mm no 0 sou e sec Ion rawmgs S 0 Inc 6 an I US rae e

following zones, you can expected to determine the suitable scale for the content to be

office space. etc.

presented on.

It is the designer’s job to provide this function with a form that will then fulfil the aspirations of not only the

a. Lrvrng space (at least 1)

client but the end users as well as complying with the legislation at the time together with other pertinent b Kitchen

issues like sustainability, whole life cycle costing. internal environment, etc.

c. Bathroom

This coursework will look to you to develop and implement the following: d. Bedroom (at least 1)

e. Stairs and stair well

1. The various considerations a designer has to take on board for the design of a low-rise house in Draw the section plane accordingly.

Coventry, UK.

i. Impact of spatial and user requirements besides economic and social factors on the final design NOTE

ii. Impact of performance standards and legislative influences on the design including I

environmental assessment sustainability and carbonamiaaiona All drawings to be submitted in A3 with border. title block etc. as per 33119222007 “ Collaborative

production of architectural. engineering and construction information. (Code of practice).

17OCAB “ Coursework 1 2014-15.docx 17OCAB “ Coursework 1 2014-15.docx