health innovation

Paper instructions:

Aim of the module

To critically understand how quality improvement tools and techniques have been applied in Health Care.
To engage with perspectives put forward to improve the quality and safety oh Health Care
To engage with the concept of innovation drawing attention to the factors that support and hinder innovation in Health Care
To consider alternative perspectives about how quality improvement and innovation can be achieved.

Question:3000 words, Note if word count exceeds you will be penalized.

How does the theory and evidence introduced by this course help you understand a recent development in Health and Social Care?


(need to define telehealth draw on more than one source in discussing practical application in the health care industry.
Give a comprehensive discussion of benefits and limitations
Use theory in explaining the developments
Discuss how innovation spread
What does the literature say about the health developments chosen eg, how uptakes of telehealth can be improved?
Do cost benefits of the levels needed to address the funding and demand issues that you can identify required wide adoption across a service or is patient’s choice more important or how professionals approach change and service improvement.
Do different contexts play a role?