Hate Violence Stephen Lawrance Case

Hate Violence “ Stephen Lawrance Case

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This essay is about hate violence and the motivation of hate violence. In which an observation is made of the area where Stephen Lawrence murder in the UK 1993. Also understanding the reason why he was murdered. This essay would MUST HAVE MY OBSERVATION OF THE AREA ELTHEM, LONDON, and the STATISTICS & DATA regarding the violence and hate violence (crime) of Eltham, previously and currently.

This essay needs to start off with a very strong definition of Hate Violence “ which indicates oppression, political motives (Ukip “ labour party at the moment in 1993 UK “ in which they were against migrates) & power. Must indicate why this definition was chosen.

Case Facts & My Observation
Facts of the Stephen Lawrence case is essential.
You must write my observation of the area Eltham, South East London.

Statistics and data
Statistics and Data of the area needs to be provided. Comparison of Eltham previously and currently. (Websites would be provided) [POSTAL CODE: SE9 6UB]



statistics on crime rates within 1 mile radius of Eltham Railway Station. Crimes were divided into many sections and a whopping 27.1% was from Violence and sexual reported crimes out of 244 reported crimes in just October 2014. Postcode entered “ SE9 6UB

statistics on the crime rates from Greenwich “ which is the borough Eltham is in. It shows crimes reported under violence towards a person and racist/religious hate crimes

an extremely long but detailed version of what took place at the Stephen Lawrence Murder written by Sir William Macpherson. Has a lot about the suspects at the time and the murders. Also mentions the arrival of the police to the scene and their lack of doing anything. Lots of chapters that I would advice looking at the content for guidance in what exactly you want to know and skim reading.

Shows crime rates from the Eltham website “ shows 61 per 1000 crimes are reported to be violence and sexual offences. However this can be bias as it also has house prices etc. And does not mention racism/religious hate crimes.

Hate crimes presentation “ statistics of each borough of London and which have most hate crimes. Greenwich was one of the ones that had an increase in hate crimes by 6.3%.


Some of the following is what our PROFESSOR has asked us to look for and include in our essays
1. Has the area had a past of racism?
2. General patterns of similar incidents
3. What does Stephen Lawrence’s case say about the murder
4. General background of perpetuators “ was there a general pattern
5. The way the police dealt with the situation “ how did they carry the investigation “ is it a generic sort of behaviour, etc.
6. Pictures and observation

Motivation of Hate Violence and Perpetrator
This section should discuss the motives of hate violence and also facts about perpetrators. Discuss the motives to see if they relate to why the perpetrators did such a thing.

What came out of the Stephen Lawrence Case?
Where police prosecuted for their injustice, where all the perpetrators prosecuted, if not why?

Referencing HARVARD Referencing > http://libweb.anglia.ac.uk/referencing/harvard.htm
***VERY IMPORTANT*** when quoting in this paper you must include 3 things, Example: (Author’s LAST NAME, YEAR, PAGE NUMBER).

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Guardian & BBC

Diversity / Discontents (˜Us’ & ˜Them’ Theory) / Power theories
Stuart Hall / Nathan Hall / Paul Gilroy

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