accounting system and structure in China

To Support Team: This is an assignment from the Introduction to International Accounting & Finance Module that I am taking. The task is to carry out research into the accounting systems and structure of a particular nation. Please allocate my essay to a writer specialized in this field.

To writer:

1. Please carefully read through the assignment Brief Document I have uploaded and follow the instructions in the document on writing this essay. I have selected China as my choice, please base your discussion on the Chinese accounting systems and structure. Please also use some theoretical models (eg. Hofestede model in the culture part of analysis) in the discussion.

2. I have also uploaded the module handbook for this module, please also take a look to have a general understanding of what contents are teaching in this module.

3. There is a word limit of 1800 words (excluding reference) on this essay, please do not exceed it.

4. Make sure the references are cited in Harvard Style.

5. Writer can use as many as references you feel suitable, although 8-10 references are ideal.