Website ( Evaluation

Write a short essay (3 to 4 well-written paragraphs) evaluating the website (

determine the site to be a good source of information, explain why in your essay. If you determine there are reasons the site may not present good information, explain your reasons.

At the end of your essay, include the reference citation for this website using MLA style. Please specify which style you used.

A. Examine the URL.

1. Does it indicate somebody’s personal page?

2. What type of domain does it come from?

3. If there is a sponsoring orgainization, does it seem authoritative and appropriate for the


B. Who wrote the page?

1. Is the author/producer identifiable?

2. Is it evident that he/she has expertise on the subject?

3. Is there an e-mail address to contact the author?

C. Is the page sufficiently up-to-date?

1. Is there a date provided for creaation or last revision?

2. How up-to-date are any links that are provided?

D. In addition to the author’s credentials, look for other indicators of quality.

1. Is the information consistent with information from other sources?

2. Are all aspects of the topic covered?

3. Is it free from bias?

4. Is there solid documentation or evidence supporting the information?

5. Are there links to other sources? If so, are they to quality, reliable sources? Do the links

work? Do the links represent a bias?

6. Is the document affiliated with a web site or organization that has a stake in the issue?