Ethical implications of disclosure & nondisclosure Academic Essay – Write My School Essay

Paper details
1.Complete title page.
2.Introduction briefly
describe the objective(s) of your paper (i.e. tell me what you are going to talk about). You should
include the scenario in this section.
3.Ethics and Law describe
the relationship between ethics and law as they relate to disclosure and nondisclosure of
medication errors.◦Include the code of ethics in this discussion
◦Provide federal and state laws relative to your practice state◦Some states simply refer to the code of ethics (you should
state how your state handles this issue)
4.Decision: State your personal view of whether or not to disclose the error described in the scenario. Use your discussion
of ethics and law to support your decision.
5.Strategies: Use the ISMP website to describe strategies to make prescription writing safer.
◦Include the elements of a complete prescription in this discussion.
◦Include several strategies.Think about your practice environment when selecting strategies (i.e. pick those that would be
most useful to you)
◦ 6. Summary
7. References: APA formatting is mandatory