Environmental Health life style

Part 1:Describe your life as a 65 year old. At least 1 double spaced page. Where will you live? Are you retired? What kind of activities do you enjoy? ectReally visualize what you hope your life will be like.

Part 2: Based on what your wrote above.

What do you need to be doing right now to ensure what your life will be like in the future.

Why should you be concerned now about your life as an older adult?




You will earn an A when you demonstrate Insight & Analytical understanding of the concepts under discussion. This usually involves going above & beyond answering a question by providing a real-life example &/or linking a statement to other course concepts or earlier discussions.

You will earn a B when you demonstrate Better-than-average or superior levels of learning that go beyond mastery of the course material and exceed the requirements for a C.

You will earn a C when you demonstrate Competence. A letter grade of C recognizes that all of the course requirements and objectives have been m