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Please read below forum and write a response:

The interviewee I plan on sitting down with for the sake of this course Interview a Professional in the Field assignment, is a dear friend of mine who I look to as an Aunt and someone who has grown up with my Mother. Her background is family counseling and this was her career until eventually leaving private practice to work for the California Prison System in Lancaster, CA. She spent 20 years there as the head of research in of prisoner suicide while in prison. She has since retired, and works for the state of CA in a contracted company who handles paroled drug addicted prisoners. I could not think of a more qualified individual who can mentor me, and offer guidance and a myriad of advice to help jump start my career in this field.

Here are some questions that I will ask, questions off the top of my head that I find of interest to me. Please, anyone dive in and offer your thoughts, as I solicit all the advice I can get in getting some informative questions answered. Thanks in advance-

1) In general, when asked “what psychology IS” everyone has their opinion and thinks applying their own common sense is what defines psychology and they feel the need to analyze a particular subject to death of whatever is being discussed, however that is far from the truth of the definition. In your own view, based on your personal definition, career and expertise, how would you define this question? What is Psychology?

2) There are many misconceptions out there about psychology and mental health all together. Very few people seems to be educated (or choose to educate themselves) on exactly what mental health and illness exactly is. What is your professional answer on defining mental health?

3) You have worked in private practice for over 20 years, and mental health review for the CA state prison system. You are a court appointed expert, you have published journals and you were approached by the state to open a treatment center in Cal for paroled drug addicts. What coursework (in addition to your doctorial) and on-the-job training prepared you for such differences in your career field, over the entire course of your career? From Private practice to working for the state, what educational and training differences were required?

4) What careers in mental health do not capture your interest and why?

5) To work in the field of Psychology (any field), it may be possible to work with a Master’s degree, but it appears that a doctorate is highly desirable. What career paths do you see with a Bachelor’s?
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