: Communication Plan

450-600 words

Create a Communication Plan for the proposed change covered in the Change Management Plan. In the Communication Plan, complete the following:
Select the most appropriate channels (minimum of three channels) to communicate the change to the employees, and explain why you selected these channels. (Cite the text and Electronic Reading Reserves in your selection.)

Identify the potential barriers to effective communication with each of the selected channels and strategies for overcoming the barriers. (Cite the text and Electronic Reading Reserves in your selection.)

Develop a message for one of the selected communication channels. In the message, complete the following:
State which channel is being utilized and who are the intended recipients of the message.
Establish the need for the change.
Create a sense of urgency around the change.
Identify those areas affected by the change.
Outline next steps in the change process and provide the anticipated timeline for each step.

Explain the advantages the change will bring to the recipients.
Include proper APA format for in-text citation and Reference page. (A minimum of three sources is required.)