central principles

Task Description:

One of the central principles of this course is that understanding your own position and its implications for your practice is of fundamental importance in the human

service field. Assessment: make a statement about your current knowledge, experience and understanding with regard to Indigenous Australians. Submit a short (500 word)

Personal Positioning Statement reflecting on the current understanding and views in relation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander issues. For this task you should:
consider and discuss your own background and experience; this may/may not include previous training and work
describe the current state of your knowledge with regard to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and issues
discuss the implications of these, as you currently see them, on practice with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
This reflection on your current position and state of knowledge should be a clear, concise and succinct statement of your own personal position.You are expected to use

the first person (that is ˜I’, ˜my’ statements) in this paper. It is to be presented as an academic essay that follows the usual conventions of referencing and

citation. Although it concerns your personal reflections, these will need to be supported through reference to appropriate scholarly sources fro the human

services/social work literature.