Business Communications Letter Package

The letter package assignment in this unit gives you an opportunity to practice a range of styles used in international correspondence. Your assignment is to write five letters for five different audiences. The objective of each of the first four letters is to let the recipient know that a request to carry a product is being turned down. The fifth letter involves a personal response. While abroad on business you made friends with someone at a professional conference held in Japan. He has sent you a letter inviting you and your family to come and visit when you are next in Japan. Your new friend wants you to visit his home and dine with his family. Accept this invitation in a cordial letter. Advice from Flood, Weiss, and Thomas will be invaluable for completing the assignment. Assignment Checklist: Write 5 letters: 4 Business letters and 1 personal letter Accommodate 5 different audiences Using your Flood and Weiss texts for reference, communicate that their request is being turned down in the 4 business letters Accept the personal invitation to visit the Japanese family Use the appropriate format and proper English mechanics according to your reading Scenario: Your company, Chalmers Industries, sells high quality wood chipper blades for customers worldwide through its retail stores, website, and catalogs. Your chipper blades are designed for business users primarily, customers using their wood chippers daily and vigorously. Your chipper blades are high quality steel, carefully cast, polished, and sharpened. For the price, your customers get top-quality materials, precision manufacturing, and innovative designs that help them do better work in less time. Chalmers Industries sells both its own ChipRite blades as well as blades made by other manufacturers. Four of those companies have just written you to ask if Chalmers Industries would like to carry their new line of mid-range blades that would cost more than the mass market, hardware store blades, but less than Chalmers Industries’ blades. Your job is to filter requests such as this, rejecting those that don’t meet Chalmers Industries’ criteria. While these companies’ blades are of decent quality, they achieve their lower cost through lower quality steel  that won’t hold an edge. These blades have a market, but they are not a good fit for Chalmers Industries’ top-of-the-line product portfolio. Your Task: Using Appendix 4, pages 149-152 in Weiss, write four bad news letters to the following four companies letting them know your company is not interested in carrying their mid-range quality blades, but that you would welcome the opportunity to review future products. Then in your fifth letter, write your personal letter accepting the invitation from your Japanese friend. You are “ New Product Specialist Chalmers Industries Use your own name and address Customer #1 “ Culture-Free Memo Irene O’Connell, New Product Manager Ireland International Landscape Tools, Ltd. Customer #2 “ Japanese Mr. Akira Yamoto, New Product Development Coordinator Tokyo Business Blades 15-17 Ginza 9 chrome Chuo-ku Tokyo 104 Customer #3 “ Australia/New Zealand Mr. Arthur Allen, Senior Associate Western Pacific Blade Consortium Level 9, 380 Bay Street Brighton, Victoria 3187 Australia Customer #4 “ Mexico Señor Juan Oros, Vice President Aztec Blades Apartado Postal 99-999 Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico Write a personal letter accepting the invitation from your new Japanese friend. He has written sharing that he has 2 children; two girls ages 8 and 11. Akio Yamaguchi TMC Toyota City Aichi, Japan Resource: This site may prove helpful:  Put your letter package in a MS Word document. IMPORTANT! Submit ONE Word file that contains all five letters