Assignment No. 7 Academic Essay – Write My School Essay

Answer The questions down below.

Chapter 6 – Girls of Room 817

1. Comment on the quality of daily life exprienced by the girls of Room 817?

2. What happens to chinese youth who choose not to become migrant workers?

3. What is the Shenzhen story? When an why did this city experience such dramatic economic growth?

Chaper 7 – Accounts and Accountability

1. What sweatshop incidents led to the creation of the AIP = Apparel Industry Partnership and the FLA (Fair Labor Association)? Name some of the companies that were the focus of revelations about the labor abuses of their foreign suppliers?

2. What is a “social compliance auditor”? What do they do? Who do they answer to? What is their relationship to “falsification engineers”? What do these engineers do? Who do they work for?

3. What do Chinese manufacturers “fake”? Why do they do this? Why does the author believe that the Chinese skill at “faking it” gives them a competitive advantage at selling their wares worldwide?

4. What are the problems with the existing auditing systems in use for Chinese factories today? What reforms to the auditing system does the author suggest need to be adopted in order to improve factory conditions?

5. In the end who does the author believe is ultimately responsible for the enforcement of social compliance standards to Chinese producers?

The book: The China Price – Alexandra Harney

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