Communication in MARS (marketing, advertising, retail and sales) Academic Essay – Write My School Essay

Paper details
For this assignment you will choose an article from this Link to the
Wikipedia Start List for Marketing & Advertising:
The article you choose must be relevant to topics we are learning about in
Communications in MARS such as Levels of Communications and Touchpoints, Psychology of Communication,
Touchpoints Paid (Advertising)
1. Select two areas in the article that need improvement. Ensure that
these areas have been flagged by other contributors as needing
2. Write two or three paragraphs, appropriately referenced, that add
to the community’s scholarly knowledge of the topic.
3. The criteria relevant to advance the community’s scholarly
knowledge are:
personal opinion
established references such as journal articles, reputable
databases e.g. WARC, Euromonitor
in the third person
4. Add to the article reference list using APA format
5. Upload your contribution to Wikipedia. Contributing to Wikipedia
& the Community of
Knowledge – a scholarly
Brief for Assessment
To do this assignment you need to take a browse through Wikipedia, focusing on
pages that provide content information about communications relevant to
You might decide to focus on ONE aspect of MARS and the communications
relevant to this. For example, you can look at communications relevant to retail,
or perhaps how advertising communications persuade. To make the assignment
doable, we can work from the Start List which Wikipedia gives us. This List