A memo and a letter for Olympic Committent


This assignment calls for two documents: a memo and a letter. For the memo, you will be a representative of the US (or another country, if preferred) Olympic Committee. Your task is to pinpoint a company who would make an excellent prospect to be an Olympics sponsor. Sponsorship can be either in the form of goods, services, or purely financial. The typical contribution is in the region of $75 million. So, you need to find a big donor to come up with this kind of commitment. Selelct a company and then write a memo to Larry Probst detailing precisely what the company would need to provide. Will it be for the summer or winter Olympics? Will it be for one nation’s team, or some type of contribution for the entire Olympic Games? Goods? Services? Monetary? Some combination of a couple of these?

Then, as Larry Probst, you need to write a letter to the CEO or CFO of the targeted corporation explaining how they have been selected for the unique privliege of being an Olympics sponsor. You need to be VERY PERSUASIVE in this letter, as you are in reality asking for $75 million, after all. Explain precisely what sponsorship will entail, but emphasize the great honor and prestige associated with Olympic sponsorship.