White­ Collar Crime Paper


Using Touro’s library, find a peer-reviewed research article that is a case study. How does the methodology in the article you found relate to the reading assignment

for this discussion? Thinking about the research question and hypothesis you are considering, what would that look like if you were to do it as a case study? If it

would not, comment on how your proposed study is different than the one in the peer-reviewed journal article you found for this discussion.

Required Reading:

Reading For Threaded Discussion 1:
Alberghini, E., Cricelli, L., & Grimaldi, M. (2014). A methodology to manage and monitor social media inside a company: Gal, Y. (2004). The reward effect: A case study

of failing to manage knowledge. Journal of Knowledge Management, 8(2), 73-83. Search Touro’s library using ProQuest database.