What is ADHD?

first paragraph
What is ADHD?
Issues with self regulation- find citation
many available treatments
issues/problems with there treatment
new possible treatments

Treatments/ second paragraph
one popular treatment is Ritalin-citation
drug studies using Ritalin and why it works
the general results of this study is that it is affective.
However it is effective there are issues with the treatments. Talk about issues. one of the issues is side effects, kids don’t like it, expensive.
last sentence rap.

3rd paragraph summary: as there treatments have been effective, but thee are issues. Self regulation will treat them issues. after each treatment there has to be a summary about the treatment and linked to self regulation

4th paragraph another treatment. same order of writing as the paragraphs before. same structure of writing thru all the paper.

5th summary of 4th paragraph treatment

6 paragraph therapy treatment

7th paragraph summary of therapy treatment

Present study
ADHD and self regulation linked them.
(writers about this topics are Baulmeister,  shriver, )
what is self regulation?
research have found that children with ADHD have poor self regulation.
therefor because of this there might be a possible treatment to self regulation.
provide support I have a way to increase self regulation by making people self aware.

possible treatment that is designed to solve self regulation( placing mirror in the classroom will increase self regulations because makes you more self aware, Baulmeister self regulation theory. 

final paragraph purpose of the study to evaluate if this new treatment will be effective. Based on previous research. We hypothesis that the children with the treatment of self regulation will be able to complete the task. that our treatment of putting mirrors in a classroom to children with ADHD 5th graders will be effective they will finish the anagrams provided to them, the children in the other room with Ritalin will not finish the task these will not have mirrors.

Independent variables: control group, self regulation treatment
Dependent variable: time

Research Question:
Is Self-Regulation a viable treatment for ADHD?

This is all he wants in the introduction I will attach the Baulmeister strength model please APA style professor very strict with this. 5 resources for reference page. Ill I need is the tittle page the introduction with what I just explain up there and the reference page. If you need any thing let me know any questions contact me. He also mention that not to write about the effects of low dopamine in the bran he has not heard about that. the first paragraph has to end with (many available treatments for ADHD however there are issues with this treatments. There for we are proposing a new treatment) something like this to let the reader know what your paper is going to be about. Also he mention in the first paragraph when you are going to introduce ADHD you first have to write out the full name and in parenthesis write ADHD, that’s APA style.
must write in an active tone and always write WE no I. try to get rid of the word That if not necessary.  One of the most important thing is no plagiarism. please.

I uploaded two sample papers he gave us, that he wants us to follow. the Baumeister and the APA style. O one more thing no quotations.