What changes in your life or behaviors would be beneficial to you

For information about Emotional Intelligence, you may want to listen to this video by Daniel Goleman. He coined the term and has written extensively on the topic.

What Emotional Intelligence is all about by Daniel Goleman.

    Go to the following website to take the Emotional Intelligence Quiz.    http://www.queendom.com/tests/iq/emotional_iq_r2_access.html  

It is NOT necessary to purchase the detailed version of this test!  Please be honest and answer according to what you really do, feel or think, rather than what you think is considered right in this test. Nobody is there to judge you, just yourself.  Read every statement carefully and indicate which option applies best to you. There may be some questions describing situations that do not apply to you. In such cases, select an answer which would be most likely if you ever found yourself in such a situation.

As you take the test, be sure to copy the questions and your  answers to another document so you can refer back to your choices when you analyze the results. After completion, study the brief paragraph called œWhat does your score mean?, which is the only summary of  results that you can receive for free.  You may want to look at the sample report to see the scores and descriptions listed there. The scores on the sample are on the low side and if your single overall score is close to any of those scores,  then some of those descriptions about an emotional IQ might apply to you. Think about what your full report MIGHT LOOK LIKE. 

Perhaps go back to the specific questions about behavior and look at the answers that are clearly more positive. Did you select any of them? Or in answering honestly, did you choose the ones that were less positive? Think about why you chose them.

Once you have completed this test evaluate how the results apply to your own life. What changes in your life or behaviors would be beneficial to you? What are you doing right now that is positive in your life? It might be helpful to print out the questions and reflect on how you answered individual questions